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St. Louis Diary

Let me ask you one question: How can a football team possibly win a world championship, when all teams participating in the tournament come from the same country?


Let me ask you one question: How can a football team possibly win a world championship, when all teams participating in the tournament come from the same country? I really don't know the answer, but maybe it is because the average football fan's world is rather small or maybe, and more likely, this is the American perception of the world. However, facts is that the Saint Louis Rams won the biggest annual American sports event, the Super Bowl, and are now official world champions. And, assuming that the world is really that small, it seems only fair to say that Saint Louis thereby became the world's football capital (at least until Super Bowl XXXV next year).

So, what exactly is this Super Bowl? Basically it is a lost Sunday afternoon in front of the TV, way too much fatty food, a sporting event with commercial breaks almost longer than the game, and definitely a lot of fun. "This is the biggest American holiday after Thanksgiving and Christmas" I was told, "and also one of the biggest eating days." And considering the almost unbelievable amount of hamburgers, bratwurst, bageldogs, mini pizza, artichoke dip, chips, mini spring rolls, crab cakes, jello-shots (in the team colors blue and yellow of course), and beer we consumed at the Super Bowl party I was invited to (big thanks to our host Dave), at least this statement was true - the food was almost as important as the game. And despite my initial reluctance I have to admit that the game too was truly exciting. I had carefully prepared myself by reading through the NFL Rules Digest on the Internet, and so it was no problem to cheer and root for the home team. And they really made it - the Rams won the Super Bowl, the local newspaper had enough material for at least 5 cover stories, and although it was freezing cold over 100,000 people gathered the following day in downtown Saint Louis to watch the Super Bowl parade, and to welcome the winners back. Only in America...

Another event worth mentioning was the SLU Law School's Barrister's Ball. It took place in the big ballroom of the Chase Park Plaza Hotel, a former meeting place of Saint Louis' rich and famous. Until the late 60's the upper 10,000 used to gather here and after another thirty years of a rather unpretentious existence as an apartment building the whole complex was renovated in the late 90's (how does that sound, by the way) according to the old plans. Now it is a very pompous place with impressive height ceilings and a lot of golden decoration and therefore the right location for a classy ball. And it was a classy ball. The evening started with a live music cocktail hour, followed by a formal dinner and finally the ball. An open bar helped the crowd to relax, and if you can imagine a crowd of some 300 (prospective) lawyers, dressed up in tuxedos and robes, dancing to a somewhat eccentric musical mixture of gangster rap, polka, and heavy metal you know that this was fun with a capital F. Only in America...