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St. Louis Diary

The Saint Louis Diary, 10/06/99


Last Saturday I participated in the Bar Review - not what you think, one of the courses where they prepare you for the bar exam, this was a real bar review. Or a pub-crawl, to be precise. The event, organized by a co-ed legal fraternity, is probably the winter semester’s "no study" highlight at the law school. Some 60 thirsty people gathered in the school’s atrium to explore Saint Louis’ best bars and to have a fun afternoon and evening. After entering two yellow school busses every participant was greeted with a cold, tap-fresh beer and then the buses took off to the first bar. The tour consisted of seven bars in total, spread out all over the town and lasted for approximately eight hours. Three of the tour’s destinations were in the city’s former French quarter named Soulard. In this part of the city you can find a variety of bars, most of them featuring live Blues Music on almost every day of the week. It is especially nice to go there when they have an "open stage" evening with several hobby musicians performing in jam sessions. But at the pub crawl the music was only the second most important thing. We took of at the school at 3:30 pm, hit every bar for about one hour and ended at "Humphrey’s", a bar near campus, around 10:30. Every participant who made it so far received a t-shirt as a prove of his victory over general syndromes of over-partying - and it was real hard work, I can assure you...

But now I am back to work and doing research for my Trademark law seminar paper. The topic is "The Scope of Injunctive Relief against Trademark Infringement in U.S. American and German Law". The law library has a very good selection of German legal literature, including a current NJW subscription that dates back into the early sixties, as well actual commentaries on civil law and unfair competition laws. So far I have typed the first twelve pages and that means there is still a lot of work to do.

In my commercial transaction class we today finished the warranty and remedy sections of the U.C.C. and are now going into negotiable documents. I like this course especially because it is code based. This gives me the feeling that there is "real and substantial" law I can refer to - the common law sometimes seems to be somehow vague and in some cases even arbitrary. I find it especially strange how some American judges write their decisions. The final and published ruling sounds in many cases more like a newspaper article than a legal holding. To give you some examples, here are some original excerpts:

"This spicy case finds its origin in several shipments of Jamaican sweet peppers." Another good one: "The cast of characters in this case reads like a Garcia Marquez novel." These are just two examples, but there are many more. As soon as I find some I let you know.

Later, Nils