IusRomanum: Roman Law Maling List
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A forum for the discussion of Roman Law on the Internet

A new mailing list is available on the Internet. The list is called IusRomanum. It is run in the framework of the Roman Law branch of the Law-related Internet Project at the University of Saarbrücken.

Scope and participants

IusRomanum has been initiated with the purpose to create a forum for scholarly discussion of all aspects of Roman Law. Possible topics include the history of Roman Law from the Twelve Tables to Justinianís codes as well as its continued presence in the early Middle Ages, its renaissance in 12th century Bologna, the development of the Ius Commune and the importance of Roman Law for the understanding of modern legal systems and the formation of European Private Law. The use of modern electronic resources for research in related fields may be a subject as well. The list is open to everyone interested in the discussion of questions connected to Roman Law. Jurists and historians are invited to take part. The participation of persons from a large variety of professional backgrounds will add to the listís value.


All postings to the list will be archived. The archive will be accessible through the World Wide Web. Thus a database containing information on Roman Law will come into existence.


IusRomanum is run by the Majordomo list management program. To subscribe, send a message containing the following text in its body (NOT in the subject line):
subscribe IusRomanum <your mail address> to Majordomo@jurix.jura.uni-sb.de.
Please note that you have to put your mail address in place where you would have to put your name with other list management programs. To remove yourself from the list send a message with the text unsubscribe IusRomanum to Majordomo@jurix.jura.uni-sb.de.
Postings to the list have to be directed to IusRomanum@jurix.jura.uni-sb.de

A notice of the opening of IusRomanum has been sent to CLASSICS, HISLAW-L and EURO-LEX. Please forward this information to everyone who may be interested and does not read the the lists mentioned. If you have any further questions, write e-mail to me (ruefner@jura.uni-tuebingen.de). If you experience technical difficulties in receiving mailo from the list, please contact owner-iusromanum@jurix.jura.uni-sb.de.