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to the homepage of this collection of information concerning Roman Law. These pages are still experimental to a high degree, I hope them to be of some use anyway. Parts of the digest are already available together with the corresponding parts of Accursius' glossa. I added some biographical information pertaining to Roman and medieval lawyers.

The objectives for undergoing the amount of work required to create a hypertext representation of even these small parts of the Corpus Iuris Iustiniani and the corresponding medieval comments were two:
The traditions of Roman Law and of the ius commune of the middle ages willl play a significant role in the creation of the private law for the European community. It is therefore necessary that the texts representing this tradition be easily available everywhere.
The structure of the Copus Iuris and the glossa resembles very much that of modern hypertextual documents. Single words in the texts of Justinian create links to the medieval comments which in turn contain large numbers of references to other parts of the Corpus Iuris. To demonstrate this affinity between hypertext and medieval jurisprudence is the second goal of making these texts available through the Internet.

Your help is needed !

To make this collection useful it is necessary to cover all of the Corpus Iuris or at least some important parts of it. This can only be achieved with your help. If you have access to the text of the Corpus Iuris and the glossa Accursii, type in one lex and the glossae referring to the same. Read this page on how to collaborate or send me a mail . In case you notice any errors in the texts already available, equally either read this page or send me a mail


Thomas Rüfner